Our Process

Clients may not have the time to research what is available in the market or what the current trends and classic looks are, which is why we invest so much time ensuring all our staff are trained to give the right recommendations. The quality of the product is dependent on many factors. We only use the finest fabrics from Italy and Britian, quality raw materials, accurate measurement, good cutting techniques, skilled eyes and after sales, ensuring the entire process is of the higest quality and up to the Parmar standard. The creation of a uniform process guarantees consistency and this is implemented in the running of our business.

Storing your measurements and history on our digital database, we’re able to create an easy and hassle-free tailoring experience, especially if you regularly desire our exceptional services, and reduces the consultation time if you are in urgent need of a custom made shirt.

All fabrics and raw materials have been thoroughly tested by us to ensure the garments are of the finest quality.

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