Your CV is top notch, adorned with degrees from the best universities. You’ve mastered the answers to all the possible questions they could ask you. You’ve finally landed an interview with the best company in the industry. You can’t afford to go wrong in any vertical here. But you can’t stop fretting about what to wear for the interview.

It is but natural for you to fret. After all, a man is judged the most by how he appears. Interview attire is probably one of the most important attire in a man’s life. It can either make your career or break it. Below is a list of things you should keep in mind when dressing up for your interview.


  • When in Doubt, Wear a Suit

Interview Dressup

Whether it is a corporate or a startup, you can never go wrong with a suit. A well-tailored suit not just makes you look confident, but also lets you come across as a serious person who means business. A custom-tailored suit is an investment that gives returns throughout. It makes you look smart and professional.


  • Accessorize Your Look

Interview Tie


If done right, accessories add an understated charm to your look. You don’t have to go overboard with everything. Just add a statement tie to your suit along with a pair of stone cufflinks. Make sure that the colors of your cufflinks are not stark different from your entire silhouette.


  • Footwear Makes a Difference


You don’t want to wear sneakers to your interview. Choose your footwear wisely. If the attire is smart casual, go with loafers or moccasins. If it is a proper 3 piece or 2-piece suit, Oxford is your best call to make.


  • Groom Yourself

Interview suit

They are not hiring you to catch flies in your beard, right? So, be professional. Sport a slick and presentable look. Shave or trim your beard to an acceptable size and set your hair back, properly. If you wish to spike them up, you might as well jump into your duvet and get back to sleep.


Now the frenzy is about what kind of a suit, right? Relax! We’ve got you covered. Just book your appointment here, and let us take up the task of dressing you up for your interview.