Choose the perfect wedding suit

Are you one of those who think that shopping for a wedding day is no rocket science? Well, let’s get you thinking then, young man. First things first, we aren’t talking of a suit, it’s Your Wedding Suit and your moment in the spotlight. If the preparations and pre-wedding jitters have usurped your time and attention, listen hard – your D-day wear is calling out to you.

Gone are the days when wedding clothes for men were a five-minute shopping expedition. Wedding suits ideas today have flooded Instagram and Pinterest, inspiring a lot of men out there to sit up and get thinking. Choosing the perfect wedding suit can be quite a daunting task and even the best dressed wonder if they’ve got it right. After all, your wedding suit needs perfection and is an integral part of lasting memories.

What suits you?

wedding suit

A suit is not just a suit. There’s much more to it than just that. Be it colour, fit, fabric – there’s so much to look out for. The season and time of your wedding is also a deciding factor. There are a variety of suit types that you can take a look at before making your choice.

  • Morning Suits – Like the name suggests, is for the early birds. The traditional jacket with tails and trouser should ideally be made of the same fabric and flaunt a similar colour.
  • Semi-formal Suits – This is a more relaxed version of the formal, stiff collar suit. The weather should help you take a call on the type of fabric.
  • British Suits – They are well-fitted, single or double breasted, traditional suits, mostly stitched from a heavier fabric.
  • American Suits – Not too far removed from its British counterpart, this one is almost always single breasted and loose fitted.
  • Italian Suits – Compact and fitted, the jackets are shorter and the buttons higher than the regular suits.

Colour code

bow tie for the groom

Your wedding day deserves well-crafted class and wedding suits must reflect that. Once again the choice of colour is determined by factors like season, time of day, whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, your personal style and last but definitely not the least, your fiancée’s D-day outfit. A conventional wedding suit pallet revolves around blacks, whites, greys, midnight blues and different shades of these monotones. But there’s no stopping you from breaking the mould with a dash of colour. If it’s a morning do, you can opt for some lighter, pastel hues while an evening event most certainly calls for bolder shades.


The right fit

suit for wedding groom

The right fit can turn out to be quite the myth, unless you’ve gone to the right consultants. If we were to decode the phrase for you, we are referring to a well-fitted suit which complements your body structure and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Now there are three broad categories to the right fit:

  • Classic fit – A comfortable style that allows you leaves room for flexibility, without looking hideously oversize.
  • Slim fit – A narrow cut which tapers well, flattering those who flaunt a slimmer physique. The trousers are mostly straight legged and sit smug below the waist.
  • Modern fit – streamlined to allow more movement than the classic fit, yet not cut close to the body as the slim fit.

Trust us when we say that an impeccably cut suit makes you look and feel a million bucks and this momentous day calls for just that.

Fabric tales

groom accessories
accessories to wear on suit for the groom

The right fabric goes a long way in making your wedding suit stand out in the melee of guests. Up the ante and make a well-informed choice.

  • The season and time of the day being vital deciding factors. For a day wedding in any season – be it indoor or outdoor
  • you can walk down the aisle in linen wedding suits. If you are looking at an evening do, especially in months when the mercury is dipping, wool suits work just fine. The naturally textured surface looks rich effortlessly and with some TLC, can last for years. Moving a step ahead, it’s hard to overlook the sheen of a cashmere or mohair suit. If you have a soft corner for texture, then this one’s for you.


A toast to versatility

Spare a thought to the versatility of your wedding suit – the shelf life of your wedding suit is on you. There will be quite a few occasions after the D-day – both at work and socially – when you can button up your suit. Be it an office do, an awards function or a sit down dinner with friends, your wedding suit steps in to complete your look and how. Give it a thought when we say that it pays to choose your wedding suit wisely.




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