What’s the fun in watching your favorite sport at home, curled up on your sofa? If that’s really your plan, let us send across a bucket of popcorns and a glass of coke! But we will never do that.

Nothing beats watching your favorite game with a group of friends and a pint in hand. We curated a list of top 3 sports bars in Dubai to enjoy the matches with a pint of beer and munchies. What else? Chime in with the fans of your team and cheer together!

Embrace the brotherhood with these sports bars:

Qube Sports Bar



Qube’s USP is the enormous 4 sided screen situated in the middle of the bar. So it doesn’t matter where you stand, your spot would always be perfect for the best view. Everywhere you turn, there is a screen. You cannot miss a single shot in this bar. If your folks are with you, beat them at foosball, dart, pool, and all the other games they have to offer apart from a two-for-one offer on a variety of drinks they serve.

Long’s Bar

As the name goes, Long’s Bar is the longest sports bar in the Middle East (talk about setting records!). The bar boasts of 20 big television screens and 2 projector screens. They have some promotion or the other running every night and post 9pm, it’s one of the most happening places with a buzzing dance floor. Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Formula 1, you name it and they screen it.

Nezesaussi Grill

New Zealand, South Africa, Australia: all come together in this sports bar. Located in one of the most beautiful hotels in Downtown, Manzil, this bar has 15 big television screens and 4 large screens. There are regular deals on drinks here and grilled meat is just as good as the feeling of being in front of a screen when your team is playing.