Let’s face it – most men are as much concerned about their looks as anyone else is but stop short of shouting it out from the rooftop. And believe it or not but men’s grooming scores high points in the boardroom as well. It’s been proven that all it takes is 3 seconds to create an impression based on physical appearance, body language and attire. Being appropriately groomed also adds oodles of confidence in you and readies you for the kill.

Hair grooming plays a key role in your well-groomed look. And we don’t just mean the hair on your head but all forms of facial hair. Now before you think we are hinting at a session in a man spa, let’s take you through ways in which you can groom your hair at home and look your best at work.

Routine check

man cutting the beard

Grooming is no magic wand and takes time and effort. Effective grooming also requires a good amount of planning – you need a routine and you’ve got to work towards establishing one. There’s no thumb rule to the frequency but you can try trimming your beard and moustache twice every week, nose, ears and the back of your neck once every week, and eyebrows once in a month.




What’s in your tool box? 

toolkit for men

A men’s grooming tool box is your trusted lieutenant in times of need. Here are a few grooming tools that you must own:

    • Nose and ear trimmer
    • Beard or stubble trimmer with a variety of fade and length attachments
    • Shaving brush & Razor
    • Scissors
    • Beard oil & soap
    • Beard wax, if need be
    • Moustache & beard comb
Bid adieu to bad hair days

man having his haircutThe first step to hair grooming is when you know your hair type. We don’t mean anything technical but of course, it helps to have an idea about your hair density, elasticity, porosity, and curl pattern. Hair growth happens naturally and regularly hence trimming and upkeep must be an integral part of your hair hygiene regime. And the shampoo and conditioner ably support you in this effort. Stick to brands you are comfortable with and remember that neither a shampoo nor a conditioner are meant to make your hair squeaky clean. After you’ve has a head bath, let the natural oils in your hair take over and do what they do best – maintain the natural sheen.




Beard proud

man with the beardLove the compliments you receive for your beard? Then you must love the effort that goes into receiving those compliments as well. It’s universally accepted that beard grooming is no walk in the park. Right from the way you towel it dry to the pruning frequency – everything matters. Your beard needs a good dollop of TLC but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time on it. But there are some unavoidable must-dos as well. Your beard needs gentle handling – during washing, drying and combing. Keeping your beard clean from food particles is important to hygiene. Now we don’t want the beard to share a meal with you, do we? You can try different styles but beard shaping once in a while is vital.



Keep an eye out for
  • A pair of unruly eyebrows – can be quite a dampener to your professional look. The chances of your making the right impression are quite high when your eyebrows are more cleanly defined. You can try a trimmer to tidy up the outline and make a clear demarcation over the bridge of the nose.
  • Unkempt stubble, beard and moustache – don’t work in a corporate set up. It’s important you keep your beard growth, stubble and moustache in check with trimmers or a pair of scissors to nail the look.
  • A hairy nape – is a corporate nightmare, with hair peeping out of your shirt collar. Use a trimmer from where your haircut ends to under your shirt collar, to keep this menace at bay.
  • Hair falling over the ears or growing in it – are situations that don’t make for a pleasant corporate look. Remember to instruct your stylist to give you a haircut that stops inches above the ear.
  • Hair inside the ear can make for quite an eyesore; use a trimmer till the ends aren’t visible without going any deeper.
  • A hairy nose – is a strict no-no, especially if you are a tall person. You wouldn’t want to be caught with scraggly hair sicking out of your nose. A trimmer in hand saves the day once again.
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