Creating a professional image with your business attire:

The modern-day business world can be a tough place to navigate. There is so much to bear in mind when it comes to how you portray yourself and your professional image. These days it’s not enough to have a spotless employment history and wonderful recommendations from previous employers – you have to treat yourself and your image as you would a brand, which also means you have to bear in mind what you are broadcasting to potential employers when it comes to how you portray yourself to the world at large.

This might seem a little daunting, but at Parmar we believe that it can be quite simple to ensure that your personal brand sets you apart from the crowd in a way that is beneficial to your career. We posed the question to our panel of men’s style experts and they reverted with the following bits of helpful advice

Your Personal Style Should Make A Statement Without Shouting

While it can be tempting to try and set yourself apart from your contemporaries by adopting an interesting signature touch (i.e. comical ties, jaunty pocket squares, novelty cufflinks), this can actually be a little risky when you are just starting out in your career. It will certainly draw attention, but in the business world it can actually be the wrong kind of attention – you want your superiors to notice you for your competency and acumen, not the way you choose to knot your tie.

To this end, our panel recommends that you rather invest in the best possible suit you can afford, A well-cut suit that hugs your frame and sits well will make a far better impression than a few ineffective bells and whistles. Book a session with a reputable tailor and select a style and fabric that suits your personal style preferences and lifestyle.

Comfortable Attire Makes For Improved Performance

Comfortable business attire, i.e. a well-made suit that allows you to move freely while still looking sharp, makes it a whole lot easier to focus on your work, which in turn leads to improved performance, all of which makes your professional image look all the better. When you are irritated by ill-fitting garments that breathe poorly, chafe or scratch, you are distracted from the task at hand, leading to poor concentration.

When selecting a suit, be sure to inform your tailoring consultant with regard to what you can expect of an average working day. If you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned buildings, you may want to invest in an everyday suit that will keep you comfortable at fluctuating temperatures; if you work in the construction business and may have to conduct meetings outdoors in warm UAE temperatures, you will have to consider a summer suit of more breathable fabric that will prevent any issues with undue perspiration.

Suitable accessories make a favourable impression

However, business attire is about more than just a suit – you have to bear in mind that the way you choose to accessorise your day-to-day garment set also has a big impact on the overall perception your superiors and contemporaries form of you. This is also where you’ll enjoy a little bit more freedom to customise your look. You’ll have to consider:

  • Shoes: We recommend classic shapes like the brogue, Oxford lace-up, derby, classic dress shoe or contemporary chisel-toe boot.
  • Shirts & ties: If you are just starting to assemble a capsule wardrobe, our panel recommends that you stick to a few well-tailored shirts in basic colours with a range of ties that can be mixed and matched without too much effort.
  • Belts & cufflinks: The age-old adage of matching your shoes to your belt still rings true. If you choose to go the cufflink route, stick to matt finishes and sleek shapes.
  • Glasses & watches: These items say a lot about your personality. Always take the time to decide whether a certain item will a) add to your overall look or b) distract from it. The best rule of thumb is to go for the item that forms a seamless part of the whole.
  • Briefcase: Your choice of briefcase is a wholly utilitarian item and the selection thereof should be informed by your day-to-day requirements. E.g. If you carry sensitive documents or expensive gear you may want to invest in a securely lockable variation; if you require non-stop connectivity you could invest in a carry-on with an additional power bank so you can recharge your devices on the go.

Keep in touch & stay informed

Do you have any burning questions pertaining to Parmar tailoring or how we can help you to find your signature office style? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch so we can pose your questions to our panel of men’s fashion experts and get the answers you seek.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Parmar blog for interesting news from the world of select tailoring, as well the freshest fashion insights from around the globe. Our team of tailoring experts are standing by to ensure that you stay ahead of the curve. Look out for upcoming articles on the dos and don’ts of bending dress codes and how to wear the modern-day vest.

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