Stay cool in your summer suit

What does summer have to do with suiting up? You’re probably trying your best to shy away from the scorching summer heat but trust us when we say there’s no excuse for a sloppy look just because the mercury is soaring high. After all, looking dapper is an all-year affair and must be taken as seriously as the need to suit the occasion.

The relentlessly hot days outside shift the focus of summer suit styles to fabrics. No matter if you are looking at a formal suit to wear for a meeting or event or a casual suit for a more relaxed outing, suits for summer are all about comfort and breathability. Let’s take a look at the type of fabrics that your summer suit is best made of.


The fabric wins, almost always, as a summer must-have. This natural fibre breathes well and does a thorough job of absorbing moisture. An open weave cotton fabric is your ideal summer suit material.


This lightweight fabric is a popular summer suit buy. The new anti-crease technology helps bid adieu to creases. And remember how it feels cool to the touch?

different fabrics


This nouveau fabric is fast catching up with its predecessors. Standing out in the crowd with its signature striped, crinkled surface, this cotton fabric is a favourite choice for informal outings.

Fresco Wool

Don’t get tricked by the sheer mention of wool – there’s nothing warm about this one. The fabric, as the name suggests, is rather fresh. The multiple yarn, open weave, high twisted wool is high in breathability. This lightweight fabric allows maximum airflow and makes summer feel like a breeze.



True, silk is the lightest fabric around. Add to that its sheen and you have a that looks elegant even when layered.  Before you zero in on your summer suit fabric, here’s a check list:

  • An open weave fabric helps when the heat outside is stifling. Hold the fabric against a source of light, if you can see through it, you know that’s for you.
  • A breathable fabric helps you feel less uneasy. Stand a few metres away from a fan to check for the breathability of your fabric.
  • Summers don’t call for linings – opt for an unlined or half lined suit to brave the heat.
  • Summer suit fabrics are best when lightweight – but remember not to confuse weight with density.

The thought of a drab summer can be quite painful. Let’s take you through some refreshing and vibrant colours that ensure your summer months are a breeze.

Light blue

Move over archaic navy blue, let your summer suit flaunt a shade of light blue. This colour grabs the right amount of attention without going overboard and is a classic look when the temperatures are rocketing high.


It’s hard to go wrong with white. This quintessential summer colour looks as cool as it feels. Make sure to break the monotony of a white suit with a pop of colour.


Add a twist to the good, ol’ white with an elegant beige linen suit. A beige backdrop is quite an enviable canvas – play around with your choice of colours.

Light grey

Here’s one timeless shade which looks a million bucks without working too hard. A grey suit is a smart summer back up for your wardrobe.


The earthy feel of khaki is pretty stimulating. This go-to summer tone has a cool vibe to it and compliments a variety of textures and hues.

maroon jacketMaroon

Make this shade a summer staple. A formal suit in this rich colour can seamlessly make an enviable fashion statement. Let’s accept it – men in suits look cool even as the weather sizzles outside. Rising temperatures don’t necessarily mean compromising on your style standards. Looking suave and well-put is a matter of choice and the weather takes a backseat when you know what you want. Move beyond the regular with your choice of summer suit fabric; your wardrobe will love the feel of a new fabric. You can also mix fabrics to complete your look. For instance, a light coloured linen suit pairs well with a bright cotton shirt.


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